Pond Packages for every budget:

The following is an example of a few sizes of water features that are most commonly installed, If you would like an estimate for a custom pond, we can do that..contract us for a free estimate..

This small pond package is just enough to get your feet wet and introduce you into the world of water gardening, all professional grade equipment that will give you years of enjoyment.

Small Pond Package:

8' x 11" actual size

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Medium Pond Kit

16' x 16' x 2' Actual Size

With the Medium Pond Package, you get a much bigger experience, with this kit you can watch your fish grow from babies to big beautiful fish for years to come. With a multilevel pond your plants life will thrive and with caves for your to hide in they will be safe from all types of predators


Large Pond Kit

24' x 24' x 3'

30'x 23' Pond

There are a couple of additional options to help maximize your pond experience:
- External Pond Filter - Additional LED Lighting
- U.V. Light - Pump Upgrade/Variable Speed Pumps

Pond-less WaterFall

A pond less waterfall is a great way to add the sound of water to a small space or for someone who does not want to have fish. With a combination of flowing water and the right aquatic plants you can achieve a powerful visual display. With multiple waterfall drops, you get the natural sounds and flow just like Mother Nature intended


Fast Fall Color Falls

Looking to add that unique touch to your hardscape project or just looking to add the sound of water to an existing patio or backyard. With this water feature you'll surely be the envy of all your neighbors, with four different LED back drop lights to illuminate the waterfall you will be able to enjoy this feature all night.

Available in 3 Different Sizes
Available in Red,White,Blue LED

Pricing Varies on Waterfall Size and Block Choice

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