WaterWerks Gardening & Design can custom tailor a pond maintenance program for any budget. This is probably the most important part in keeping a water feature. Poor maintenance is the starting point of problems, whether you have two hundred or twenty thousand gallon pond maintenance is a must. At the end of the day most pond owners find it hard to find the time to do the weekly maintenance, we can help design a customize schedule to keep your pond looking great.

Spring Pond Openings:
As the weather gets warmer and the water temperature rises your pond fish become more active and it is important to get the filtration system up and running for the season.

Removal of Pond Net & De-Icier
Connecting & Inspecting the Filter Equiptment
Replacing Wear items as needed ( Filter Pads, U.V Bulbs )
20% Water Change is performed
Declorinator & Beneficial Bacteria & Pond Salt are added

Pond Clean-outs:
Spring time is a good time to get really clean-out your pond, removing waste from the bottom can be greatly beneficial to the health and success of the season, typically bare liner ponds can go a couple season without a clean-out, Aqua-scape style ponds are recommended to be cleaned out every season.

Removal of Fish & Plants
Fish are quarantined in separate holding tank along with existing water from pond
Pond is once rinsed, then pressure washed to excess algae from rocks, waterfalls and stream beds
Pond is rinsed once again, and all major debris is removed from bottom of pond
Visual inspection of pond liner
Trimming of pond plants
Clean skimmers/waterfall spillways
Inspect & clean pumps
Re-fill pond, acclimate fish back with excising pond water
Add decloriniator & beneficial bacteria

Pond Maintenance:
We can provide weekly/bi-weekly or monthly maintenance that will keep your water feature looking its best.

Clean Filter Pads & Backwash Biological Filter
Test Water Chemistry
Inspect Pumps & U.V Unit
Trim back plants that need it
Check fish health

Pond Closing:
When the pond season is over, let us do the dirty work and dismantle your pond equipment for the winter. It is very important to properly winterize your koi pond, by storing the filter, and ultra-violet light inside can avoid costly replacement parts in the spring. Part of the service is to cover the pond with a net to keep falling leaves from accumulating at the bottom of your pond, when leaves settle at the bottom of the pond it can create many problems. As it decomposes, it elevates the ammonia which can be deadly to fish. Also, multiple fish diseases thrive in the decaying matter which can result in numerous problems in the spring. We also cut back all plant life, clean filter pads and remove submerged pumps. We make it easy to get ready for the winter and give you piece of mind for the winter months, by taking these precautions early it makes the next pond season a healthy one.

Closing a pond can be just as important as opening it for the season, the success with your next season depends on correctly closing your pond down in antipaction for the winter months. At WaterWerks Gardening, we like to prolong the pond season as long as we can, typically we start to net pond that are in heavily landscaped area in early fall before the leaves begin to fall. Most ponds can run straight past thanksgiving giving you a couple extra weeks to enjoy for water feature.

Pond is netted (in early fall)
Weeks later, we return to install Deicer & disconnect all filtration equipment
Trim back plants
Add Salt


Fish Health & Predator Control:
When keeping Koi in your pond, their health is a major concern. Disease can be introduced any number of ways, just watching your fish and studying there habits can be crucial to letting you know if something is wrong. Along with testing water, a visual inspection of your fish can help fore see any problems. If you occur issue's we might be able to help, with our extensive experience in water gardening we can take a water sample or examine fish for disease with a microscope to diagnose a proper cure to help fish overcome their afflictions. We offer holding tanks for rental in order to quarantine fish as they recover, holding tanks are also are good idea when introducing fish to a pond. By quarantining these fish you can help keep fish disease to a minimum.
We also have several ways to keep your fish safe from different types of predators.

Consultant Rates: $75.00 for the first hour,$50.00 for each additional hour
Microscope Usage: $75.00

Filtration Systems:

At WaterWerks, we can help you build the right filter system for any size pond, whether you have two hundred gallons or twenty thousand. With the right filter components we can design a system that is easy to use and works properly. We use only the top end products to make sure you can maintain healthy water conditions, with crystal clear results. With our installation service, you can be sure it's setup right the first time. We also offer a maintenance program, for the ultimate in pond convenience. Let us deal with the task of cleaning your filter and letting you enjoy your pond with the least amount of effort.

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